Thursday, February 23, 2012

wanna see my brain??

i've been looking at these photos for awhile now pretending to be dr. grey. i'm feeling legit.

i'm here to inform you that all those worries i had a few weeks ago, are all gone!!
went to the crazy doc yesterday and she said i'm good and healthy.
oh, and to drink more water. sounds like advice from my sister :)

nothing growing in that brain of mine.
no cancer. (which puts sarah's worry to rest!)
nothing abnormal.  
(except for the nose. can you see how it's still deviated??? so much for this surgery.)

and the good news - haven't had a migraine in three weeks!!
makes me want to shout... like this:
(skip to 30 seconds.)

i'm much happier and less stressed out thanks to that mri.
guess it will be worth the cost!


  1. Heck yes it puts my worries to rest! I'm glad. So, if they didn't find anything wrong, then what's causing the migraines??

  2. Basically... it's still a mystery :( SUPER frustrating... but I have tried Essential Oils and they seem to work so I'll just be buying a bunch of those I guess!!


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