Thursday, October 6, 2011

more blessings.

i feel like a broken record when i keep talking about how truly blessed we are... but yes, i have more reasons today.

and i am here to share them with you.
so sit down.
pop some popcorn.
stay awhile.

as most of you heard from f-book, yesterday was quite the day for the averett family.
after a brother (and schnauzer) were missing for close to eighteen hours, it was just one tiring twenty-four hours.
and maybe just a little bit miserable.
but yet, a day of great great blessings.
blessings that my brother had the knowledge to stay warm through a wet, foggy night in 32 degree weather. (thank you bear grylls... oh and the boy scouts.)
blessings that he took the rocky dog to keep him warm, wrapped up in his jacket.
blessings that he found a fallen tree to keep him somewhat dry.
blessings that the fog was lifted for a short half hour letting the search and rescue locate, and bring him home safe before the blizzard started.

and blessings that prayers are answered.
really, and truly.
we are so grateful that the Lord was mindful of taylor, and kept him safe.
another reminder that He cares and watches over all of us.

including me through my little surgery on the nose.
no worries, it went well.
if this is what well looks like...
(not to be confused with near death.)

i know, it looks awful, but these pictures were taken in the middle of coming out of anesthesia.
geez, that stuff is powerful.
but once again, we are blessed that it went smoothly. and not to mention, i am truly blessed to have a husband who will sit by my side, talk about the same things over and over again with my scrambled brain, change my nasty bandages, and buy me treats. lots and lots of treats.

aaannnddd if you want more details, i'll be happy to share.
but for now, i need another nap.
until next time :)

thanks for reading!

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  1. I'm so grateful that Taylor is okay. What a scary adventure. I searched out your blog to ask a question and I feel kind of bad asking on such a crazy post (glad your surgery went well too. I was just wondering about the bulb lights that you borrowed for your reception. Could I get those back? Thanks. sorry I didn't know how else to find you.
    Becky Olsen


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