Wednesday, September 28, 2011

deviated septum

that's right.
i have a deviated septum. (never heard of it until about a week ago.)
went to the doctor, and explained that while i sleep... i snore.
more like breathe really deeply.
not because i choose to - but because i really just can't breathe!

he took one look in this nose of mine and said, "yup, it's because you have one of the most severe deviated septums i've ever seen."  (go big or go home right?)
and what is that exactly?

"the nasal septum is the wall between the nostrils that separates the two nasal passages. it supports the nose and directs airflow. the septum is made of thin bone in the back and cartilage in the front. a deviated septum camera occurs when the cartilage or bone is not straight. a crooked septum can make breathing difficult. the septum can bend to one side or another as a part of normal growth during childhood and puberty. also, the septum can be deviated at birth (congenital) or because of an injury, such as a broken nose. very few people have a perfectly straight septum."         -webmd

sooo - after finding out that insurance covers the surgery... i'm scheduled for next wednesday.
and i'm really, really nervous.
but i know that breathing is important... so i'll push through it.

let's just hope i don't swell up like i did through this one. ouch.

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  1. Wow that's fast! I can't wait to hear how it goes ... maybe I'll get my twin nose checked and follow you under the knife.


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