Saturday, September 24, 2011

new couch and some pizza.

 as of late, life is go, go, go everyday.
mr. blackham and i both have three jobs each and to say the least - we are some busy people!

so, with the new crazy schedules i think it is safe to say that blogging isn't at the front of my scattered brain.
(as much as i wish it was.) 
it's weird though. i find myself discouraged when i don't blog as much as i "should."
i feel as though i'm letting myself down.
which is kind of funny, because this is something i do for fun.
not a chore.

sooo, although it's been a week since my last post - i'm just thrilled i have a few minutes right now to update on what's happening in the little apartment of the blackham's :)

remember in this post when i said we were blessed to afford a brand new couch?? well... it finally arrived! (and since it's so exciting for me, i just have to show it off a little bit!)

doing my best to model the new furniture.
it's the best having something to watch movies (and sports) on together instead of cramming into the bowl chair. aannndd it sure makes the little nest more homey!

another great thing that has happened as of late is little ceasars.
not the healthiest, but it is so convenient on those nights when cooking is just not an option. (which quite honestly, happens more than i'm comfortable admitting.)

these are our happy faces.
so really all there is to say - life is good!
until next time...and let's hope it's before next saturday :)

- mrs. blackham

p.s. i pulled out some of our wedding decorations the other day and thought it was a shame they weren't being put to good use. so i hung them up... although, i can't decide how i feel about it yet.
your thoughts??

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