Saturday, September 17, 2011

we are blessed.

i came across this video on this blog.
and i think it's cute.

so i thought i'd share :)

it also reminds me how sometimes we take life for granted.
actually lots of things have been reminding me of that lately.

to say the least, this past week has been one long rollercoaster.
to spare you the details,  i'm only being positive.
positive about the fact that after sending an email to the scholarship department, convincing them that my 4.0 gpa deserves something, i got my full academic schoarship back.

we are so blessed.

positive about how much i love my job. working with sixth graders is such a funny exerience and something i enjoy each and every day. although they can be a handful at times, i am grateful to have a job. (and mr. blackham has three.)

we are so blessed.

positive about my husband being safe through a kind of scary wreck this week. we only have a shattered window, and broken mirror - but minor scrapes.

we are so blessed.

positive about our newest purchase... the microfiber couch that should be arriving today! thanks to a generous community, we were able to get a steal of a deal on a brand new "mocha" couch.

we are so blessed.

and positive about having the best and most supportive families close by. it's so fun living close to both the blackham's and the averett's.
i love being able to watch christian play soccer.
i love having family dinners on sunday. (yes, we definitely do eat at both places every sunday.)
i love now being related to basically the entire community.
and i love still having late night talks with my parents.

we are so blessed.
and i hope to never take that for granted.

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