Friday, February 10, 2012

the M word.

(disclaimer: i'm not posting this for sympathy or trying to complain. this is a blog, so i am here to be honest and to journal my life. so, if you aren't looking for a little bit of a sob story - skip this and come back again soon please!)

awhile back i posted about one test in life i've been given to learn patience.
i know this, but sometimes i forget.

since eighth grade, i've been getting migraines.
the sick-to-your-stomach, turn-off-the-lights, don't-talk-to-me, sleep-'til-it's-gone migraines.
back in the day, i would get one every so often - maybe every other month.
no big deal.

yet, since this past christmas, i've been getting them at least once every week - if not two.
after much frustration and a few tears i gave in and met with a neurologist.
she was crazy.
BUT she knew her stuff.

after making me do all sorts of funny, "watch my eye, walk in a straight line, touch my finger" kind of stuff - she said it would be best to get an MRI.
(i'm thinking it's because i was so nervous throughout her silly tests that i pretty much bombed them all. whoops.)

although it scares me to death to consider the possibilities, i know this is a test.
a test on patience.
and trust.

so until then, or dr. vincent decides to do more "watch the finger" tests, i'm being crafty. 
it's therapeutic.

oh, and reading this talk...  elder uchtdorf has a way with words, don't you think?

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  1. dave is the same way with migraines! let me know how your MRI goes. maybe you'll learn something that can help dave.


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