Tuesday, February 21, 2012

a crafty weekend and a cute pillow.

thank you president's for giving me this extra long magical weekend.
because of you, i was able to make this:

found at this cute site.
 and these:

found here.
 and buy this:

at the wonderful target.

all in all - it was a great, crafty weekend.
until next time!

p.s. i'm in need of a second opinion.
after painting this, i created another with the extra canvas in the pack:

isn't the model a keeper? 

but i'm thinking it's a little bland.
should it maybe look like this??

opinions greatly appreciated!


  1. Looks so cute! You are so crafty! One of my Blog friends Lindsay did something similar to your canvas and I loved how hers turned out too! (yours looks great as is, but Maybe it will strike some more ideas?!)

    Love all your cute projects!

  2. I'm a definite fan of the pictures one. But I'm craft inept, so your are going to have to tell me what the puff ball things are???

  3. I might need to copy that canvas bag idea! So cute.

  4. I like it with the pictures too! So cute. And I'm impressed by the bag! That's awesome!

  5. Thanks so much for the kind words!! I think I will stick those pictures on... and somehow swap them out every once and awhile.

    Coach - If you follow the link under the puff balls you can see how to make them. All you do is cut up old t-shirts and vwala! It's almost magical how easy and fun it is :)

  6. I LOVE your creativity! You are always making such fun/cute things!

  7. I really don't need puff balls. I was looking for clarification as to what in the world they are for.


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