Saturday, March 24, 2012

life's little notes.

(i am going to be adding new little posts to my blog called life's little notes. i got the idea from this blog and couldn't resist doing it myself.)

dear hunger games,
although i left a little motion sick, you were fun. caesar was by far my favorite.

dear bed,
i'm sorry i've been neglecting you lately. first the midnight premiere and then the early morning workshops. next week, i promise to give you the eight hours you deserve.

dear april,
i know you are right around the corner but can you hold off for a minute? i have a huge paper due on the 30th that i haven't started yet. i'll owe you one.

dear husband,
thank you for putting up with a moody wife. i realize that the midnight premiere has changed me into some sort of scary moster-wife, but i promise to be more like myself when i get those eight hours in.

dear 60 degree weather,
i'm pretty addicted to you. do me a favor and never leave?

dear pumas,
starting monday - we're going to be getting lots of miles in. we have to prepare for this!

dear string cheese,
have you always tasted this good? i can't stop thinking about you.

dear readers,
thank you for making my day with your comments and advice. this blogging stuff has become my new addiction :)

 stay tuned: a little tutorial is coming soon!

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