Tuesday, March 27, 2012

link tutorial.

for quite sometime i've been trying to figure out how to link sites to my blog.
i know - weird thing to obsess over, but it was driving me crazy!
but i got it! and i'm here to teach you :)

(all credit goes to this website, and this website. i stumbled upon this chain of posts and am so grateful for their help!)

to create link "buttons" on your blog go through these steps:

1. create the actual picture that you want readers to click on for your link. i created mine in paint, but any program should do the trick.

this is what mine look like - as you can see on your left :)

2. next, for those of you with a blogger ... blog, you need to have a photobucket account. this will help you put the picture on the blog with the necessary link. create the account and upload the picture you created: 

3. with the picture uploaded you will be able to hover over it and copy the html code. now take that code and stick it into this one: 

(sorry it is a picture and you can't copy it. for some reason it won't let me put the link in normally. 
to find the  link, go here. and where it says URL of image - take that out and put yours in.)

4. now you will copy the link you are wanting your cute picture to actually go to. 
so if you want to link to  (LDS website)- you would stick 
that into the above link where it  says URL of link. (take that out and put yours in.)

so in the end, it should look something like this:
5. then all you do is take this handy-dandy link, go to layout, and click on add a gadget. find the one that says html/java script and put copy your link into one of those. hit save and you should have a cute little link!

hope this helps!
if you have any problems - let me know and i'd be more than happy to help!
my email is



  1. Thank you for this tutorial bestie! I can't wait to try it out :)

  2. i hope it helps. i figured this was the best way to show you :)


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