Friday, March 30, 2012

dear blogging friends,

i'm in need of some advice and you were the first ones i thought to go to... so i'm hoping you have all the answers :)

i have this problem - called chicken legs.
they have zero muscle.
(even though i played soccer for almost ten years.)

so here's my dilemma - finding skinny jeans "skinny" enough.
i've tried and tried, but they still look a little funny.
so my next solution is to make my own... unless someone has any better ideas :)

help a girl out - and send me in the right direction!!
where do you find your skinny jeans?


  1. I have the same problem!! If you actually make some I wanna do it with you?! A friend of mine has a temp I can try and fet if you need one.... I'm sure we could find one online too! Good Luck tho!

  2. Ugh that is awful! I seem to have a bit of the same jeans just never seem to fit right! I have seen some tutorials floating around pinterest for turning Flares into skinnies, maybe search that! hope it helps!

  3. Michelle - We should make some!! There is some way good tutorials on Pinterest. (Thanks Chandra!) I just know my sewing skills and am scared I would make my nonfitting pants even more awkward. Haha

  4. I'm not an expert on skinny jeans, but isn't there some possibility that if your legs are too skinny to fit into the ones they make then if you actually had some that were skinny enough they would look a little funny? I mean, would they accentuate the "chicken leg" effect in a weird way... not trying to make fun, I'm genuinely curious!

  5. Oh Cami. Only you would write that :) I guess it could accentuate it but I'm hoping it will just look cute like this girls:

  6. Kait I would try Wet seal. I have some from there and they are SKINNY! They are super skinny kind. You should check it out! If not, let me know how making some goes:)


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