Tuesday, March 6, 2012

color me rad.

running is a daily mental and physical struggle for this girl.
i want to do it, but ...
i'm too tired,
or too lazy,
or would rather just veg,
or have more "important" things to do.
(and all the other excuses in the book.)

so i need lots of motivation.
and this to me is the perfect solution!!

doesn't that look amazing!?
they don't time you and they don't really even care if you run, walk, skip, crawl.
it's the perfect solution to my struggles!

pretty sure this will be happening april 28th - who's with me???


  1. oh my gosh, I've been trying to talk Matt into doing this with me! Will you PLEASE do it with me? we'll have a girls weekend in Vegas :)

  2. Crystal - we need to register asap! I'll get my mom to sign up soon too. Yay!!


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