Thursday, March 8, 2012

spring break.

this year, mr. blackham's spring break, utah state's, and the middle school's all fall on different weeks in march.
sooo instead of going to iowa/minnesota, like we were hoping, we're going to run away for a few days to st. george/vegas... and i'm determined to make it afap! (as fun as possible... ya know, like asap?)

but i need your opinions. st. george and vegas might not be the most magical/exotic places in the world but i know there are some well-worth-your-time things to do there.

so please, fill me in on all your secret "funnest things to do in st. george and vegas" list and who knows, maybe i'll bring you back a treat :)


  1. If you were wanting to go some place magical/exotic I dont think Minnesota/Iowa were the answers to that either :) But if you want to spend a little then I'd recommend going to the Lion King or a Cirque du Soleil show. Totally worth the money!!

  2. i agree i just saw KA (a cirque du Soleil show) and it was so so awesome. I spent 116 on a ticket but i would pay that and more again. You can get them cheaper too and really you can see the show in any seat. I am pretty sure Lion King is not in vegas anymore. If you do want to stay somewhere I live here to save money. If not there are great hotels.

  3. Aw!! I'm so jealous!! Ok so back when I still lived in southern utah and blogged all about it, I did this post:

    Top Ten things to do in Southern Utah! It probably won't be anything that you haven't heard before, but I did a ton of research and linked a ton of different sites.

    Hope it's helpful!

    (Hiking/Caving/Biking is probably my most favoritest thing that I've done in St. G!)

  4. Oh thank you so much girls! I'm excited to put all your ideas to the test and hopefully we'll be able to do some of them :)

    Kenz - We have been to a cirque du Soleil show before and they are so magical! But it was a different one so maybe we will go to this one too because I agree - it's so worth the money!

  5. Don't know if you've already gone or not, but we went to St. George last year for a vacation. We went on some fun hikes in the area. Also, there is an amazing restaurant in the area, Anasazi Steakhouse, I highly recommend it, it's a little pricey but it's amazing.

    As for Las Vegas, there is so much to do! There are so many shows. Find what you like and they have it, comedy, music, plays, magic tricks. I recommend the Lion King musical, and the Blue Man Group concert. If you stick to earlier shows (starting before or at 6ish) then they're typically not raunchy. Also, there is tons of fun shopping everywhere.


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