Wednesday, August 8, 2012

pinterest projects.

did i mention we are moving next week?? that is so soon! we're making the big move up to utah county for school and such and since we haven't even been around much lately to pack or clean - life is stressful! and by that i mean i have no time to do what i want... only time for my super long to do list of needs. but, when life does decide to slow down for a second - this is what i will be working on:

found here.
 * adorable drapes right? the new place is going to need a little spice when we get there - i figured these will do the trick!

 * we stayed at a friends house the last few days and they had something similar to this bench in their family room. the minute i saw it, i knew we needed one.(yes, mr. blackham, we really do need it.) can't wait to create my own!

found here.
*  a good reminder and an adorable board. visiting a vinyl friend soon to make this a reality...

- what pinterest projects have caught your eye?


  1. Great project ideas!! I want one of each ;)

    Good luck with the move!

  2. Love those drapes, very cute! Hope moving goes smoothly!

  3. I saw those drapes on Pinterest too! I seriously want to do that! I have the black table, all I need is some baskets and new curtains! That and I gotta wait until my 14 month old gets out of the "crawling on top of everything" stage... I am seriously ready to remodel and decorate!! GAH!!

    Good luck on your move and projects! Be sure to take pictures!!

  4. Oh Pinterest projects always catch my eye. If I did everything I pinned, I'd be broke:) thanks for following us!

  5. those will look so cute in my basement ;)


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