Monday, August 13, 2012

a new leaf.

anyone who knows me well knows - i live off sugar. 
all kinds really.
but mostly just the processed stuff.

i love me a bag of twizzlers, bowl of ice cream, or plate of cookies.
give me some sour patch straws and i will be your new best friend! 
by some, i'm even known as, "sister sugar."

but... (and this is a big but) ... i'm ready to turn over a new leaf.

everyone knows that feeling you get after a long vacation - after eating too much fast food, loads of sugar, mixed with not enough sleep? yes, i'm definitely suffering from this right now.
so much so that i'll do anything for more energy. 
i'm searching for something that will fix this "permanent hangover feeling."

starting today, august 13th 2012, i am going to live better.

more organic.
less processed.

more water.
less juice.

more exercise.
less lazy.

more energy.
less tired.

i realize this is a tad vague, but this works for me. 
if i start setting specific rules for myself, it becomes more rewarding to break them than follow them.

now, i know myself pretty good.
and to say i'm going to completely go off all kinds of sugar would be a joke.

but i am going to choose the healthy choice.
and this time, i'm going to succeed!

anyone have some advice for the beginner??
i'm going to need it!

aaannnddd - stick around because i'm going to take you along for my little journey.
coming this week will be:
 * what i'm eating
 * how i'm trying to make time for running
* and how i'm resisting the sweet stuff.

maybe you can even "choose the healthy choice" with me :)

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  1. What I try to do is limit my sugar intake to one time a day. Not one treat. . just one time during the day so that I'm not getting sugar constantly throughout the day. Maybe that will help you!



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