Thursday, August 16, 2012

did i mention...

... we are moving right now and our life is a mess! boxes and boxes everywhere.

... i abandoned mr. blackham to finish moving us while i attend a conference in logan. hoping he can forgive me one day!

... choosing to eat healthier is much easier than i thought. the other day i went to wal-mart and left with zero sugar. none. people - that is amazing! maybe this whole thing will work after all :)

... i chopped my hair off. yes, the long hair was fun - but it's time for a change.

... i am the newest elementary school secretary in utah county! seriously, i cannot even contain my excitement. i remember the days of elementary school when i needed a band-aid or bag of ice and the office ladies were always so nice! now i get to be one... here's to hoping they like me :)

... life is crazy right now - so sorry for being mia. maybe i'll get back to normal when we aren't living out of boxes!

happy thursday!

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  1. love the hair! I wish that was my "chopped off" length ... it's going to take me five years to get to that point. ugh.

    oh and they'll love you! you got this.


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