Thursday, May 3, 2012

tid + bits.


+ i know i probably sound like a crazy dog person, but in my opinion - dogs truly are a man's best friend. rocky, our miniature schnauzer, has been in the family for just about eight years. although he is afraid of cats, and a little clumsy - he is the smartest and most well-behaved dogs we've ever owned.

the other day i was soaking up some sun and he came and sat by me. so we did a little photo shoot - he was a pretty good model, don't you think?

just in case you were wondering, he is named after the great rocky balboa. and to make things even better - our cute little neighbor girl is adrienne. she comes over often to visit rocky and we always let her because it's just so perfect :)

+ we are in the process of moving. nothing big - just to another apartment here in ephraim. but still, our apartment looks like a bomb went off... i'm hoping to somehow organize my way through it all!

we are excited for the change and hope this will give us good practice for our big move at the end of the summer. and yes, that is a mcdonalds bag in the corner. don't judge. 



  1. I agree with the dog bit. Our pup is our baby, we love her like another member of the family. And she is one smart cookie too! Rocky is so cute!

  2. your dog is absolutely adorable!

  3. seriously the cutest dog ever! I actually really want a dog that I can carry with me everywhere I go!
    Have a great rest of your day!

  4. My apartment looks about like that too! Moving is no bueno.

  5. Skyler - Where are you moving??

  6. Nice job with the pics of Rocky - he looks like a supermodel!

  7. Cute Rocky--supermodel! I think he just loves all the attention!

  8. oh man! good luck moving! it's a lot of work.

    and i agree with you about dogs. i have wanted one since i was born pretty much. still waiting because we can't have pets in student housing, but i know one is coming :)

    ps love your blog name. it reminds me of that movie with jennifer anniston and her pieces of flair.

    found you through tid+bits!



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