Monday, April 30, 2012

color me rad and some exciting news.

this weekend was magical.
and colorful.
and just plain awesome.

some of the family and i ran the color me rad race at uvu and seriously - funnest thing i've done in a long time!
basically it consists of running a 5k, while the "bomb squad" throws colored chalk at you.
and there is loud music.
and everyone is all smiles - sound crazy?
just watch the video i made!

that's right people - the blackham family is moving to happy valley in the fall!
mr. blackham is doing the weber radiology program and provo was where we were hoping and praying we would end up. now let the race begin for jobs, housing, friends?

and any advice or connections would be very much accepted and appreciated :)
happy monday!


  1. You are so cute! The end.

    but not the end because I want to wish you and Jordan congratulations! I'm excited that you'll only be an hour away from me.

  2. Congrats! That is great news! We'll keep an eye out for housing and jobs! Friends-we'll be your friends!!! Are you wanting to live in provo?

  3. aww!!! i'm so excited you're moving up here!! I can't wait! Wish I coulda done the race too. It looked like so much fun!!


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