Friday, May 4, 2012

movie review: the avengers

we are a little bit crazy.
with our non-stop semester, mixed with moving, added to making plans for the fall - we are a little bit crazy.
so to reward ourselves (or mostly just add to our exhaustion) we went to the midnight premiere of the avengers last night.
i don't know what it is about super hero movies - but i adore them. i guess in that sense you could call me a nerd, but i'm all over the good vs. evil battle - no matter how obvious the outcome is going to be.

and i'm here to tell you - the avengers did not disappoint. although the eye lids drifted once or twice, i was laughing and almost clapping/shouting with the rest of the theater. (midnight premieres sure do bring out the crazies!)

i highly suggest it friends. now excuse me while i go catch up on some lost sleep. i'm going to need it for the crazy weekend ahead of us.

happy friday!


  1. I've heard taht that was a really good movie!
    Now maybe if I wasn't in the boonies of Germany, I'd go see it!

  2. You are a wonderful, caring older sister to take your little brother to the midnight showing! Even if it did become a moral dilemma. . .Thanks to both of you!


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