Thursday, January 5, 2012

christmas break. part two.

although seeing phil was a highlight of the century, i realize that there are more important things at christmas time.
this year, we did our best to spend time with both families - although i had no idea how difficult that can be at times!
yet, being the air head that i am - i didn't take many pictures. so the following are pics from the mother's wonderful nikon. (which i covet very highly.)

a book from my parents that others have raved about. we'll keep you updated.

mr. blackham wanted toys. so that is what he got... and he loves them!

my cute brother and sister-in-law gave me this picture frame and scarf. i love them! 

just dance 3 - hours of enjoyment!

cute james. he also gave us hours of enjoyment!

playing at the park. sledding on the only snow available.
all in all - christmas break was much needed and loads of fun!
i am so thankful for family and the happy people that they are.
it's such a blessing to now be a blackham.
they bring such joy into our little family.

anyway - merry christmas! i hope all your wildest dreams came true :)

*i'm excited to soon share with you the fun wedding pictures i now have in my possession!
stand by!*

(p.s. how in the world do you rotate pictures in blogger?? i cannot figure it out!)

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