Tuesday, January 3, 2012

christmas break. part one.

hello friends!
i'm back from a much needed break full of friends, family, and food.
too much food!
but before i get into the new years resolutions, and the wedding pictures i finally have in my possession - yes, six months later - here's what we've been up to.

right after finals, mr. blackham and i decided to take a much needed mini vacation and skip away to salt lake for a night.
we stayed in the hilton garden inn (which is as amazing as it sounds) and went to a jazz game.
it was magical.
and i saw phil dunphy.
THE phil dunphy.
(don't know who that is? go here.

i took about twenty more pictures but mr. blackham said i was probably starting to freak people out... so these were the best i got!

we were some happy fans... oh and the jazz did good too :)

stay tuned for more from christmas break!

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