Friday, January 6, 2012

top three.

the bachelor season 16 has now begun.
and oh boy - the premier was a good one.
i think this season has promise.
full of crazy girls and drama.
one of my favorite things in life... especially when i'm not personally involved!
but i'm here to put on the record who i think will win ben's heart.

kaitlyn blackham's top three:
(based on who seems the most normal.)

#1: kacey b.
she has promise.
she was even nice enough to talk to jenna when she was having her nervous breakdown... over absolutely nothing. (yet, that didn't stop me from looking up her blog.)
#2: jamie.
good sibling.
who can go wrong with that?
seriously though - mr. blackham and i both liked her from the get go.
i'm banking on her to go far.

#3: nicki.
nice teeth.
cute outfit.
i might be dead wrong on this one - but something about her just seems like she's a winner.
although, it says she has a tattoo on her back... we're worried that's not really ben's type.
yet kacey has three (one in an unknown location) so who knows!

so there you have it.
in about two months we'll see how close (or not so close) my prediction is.

what are your thoughts on season 16?
who do you think will win... i mean, find love?


  1. I like Kacey B. a lot! She seems super level-headed and with all this drama, Ben is going to need that. haha Nicki was super cute too. I didn't notice Jamie really, but she seems cool from her bio. I know it's lame because she got the first impression rose, but I really do think Lindzi C. is my favorite. She seems the most normal to me and I like it. Can you believe freaking Courtney?? I was shocked. Zachary and I both think she is the girl version of Bentley. They even look alike. haha

  2. Does Jordan really watch the bachelor with you? And if so, does he know that you are letting the whole world know it? :)

  3. Haha Jordan knew I posted it but after reading your comment he said, "Oh no, now my man card is taken away!"

  4. We LOVE the bachelor at our house too. Tell Jordan not to worry, he still has his man card-Bret watches it too! They can't help it the drama just sucks them in like it does us. I love it. Hope you guys are doing great!


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