Tuesday, July 26, 2011

hello orlando

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for our honeymoon get a way, we took off and went to the other side of the country - florida.
after returning home people have asked me how i liked our vacation ...
the only word that ever comes to mind is magical.
everything about it was magical.

let me show you why.

first stop: magic kingdom (the name alone expresses the magic of this day.)

our favorite part of day one - toy story!
the ride is so much fun and as you can tell,
even after riding it three times - it's still pretty intense!

day two: epcot
for those who haven't been to disneyworld, epcot really is one of the coolest locations to visit. although it doesn't have as many thrill seeking roller coasters,
it's still a magical place to spend a day.

the best part of our day here is pictured above with the cell phone.
we were part of the kim possible mission which may sound a little on the lame side,
but think again!
it was the coolest and one of the most magical things i've ever been a part of.

finding hidden golf balls.
looking for secret clues.
and defeating duff killigan. ("world's deadliest golfer")
i suggest it to anyone looking for a good time.

day three: universal studios (also famous for superheroes and harry potter land)

universal was magical. (despite the migraine)
we had such a good time in harry potter world and meeting all our favorite superheroes.

day four: la nouba... most magical show i ever saw.

this is a cirque du soleil show that seriously - took my breathe away multiple times.
(personal favorite from the trip.)

you watch performers juggle nine rings while balancing a ball on top of their head.
trapeze artists who can hold another performer on their shoulders.
four year old asian girls who are just plain awesome.
the most incredible trampoline routine.
all in all - everyone should save their pennies and dimes for this one.

day five: sea world

seaworld is amazing to me.
any animal that can do flips while throwing their trainers high into the air is definitely something i could watch over and over again.

and that concludes our magical vacation to the sunshine state.
we had such a good time that hope to one day return... soon!

if you have made it this far, thank you for pushing through :)

*coming up: updates on our move into the new apartment!!*

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  1. Ah you missed the best parts of Disney World - Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Blizzard Beach. You'll have to go back one day.


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