Thursday, July 21, 2011

j & k

*200th post!*

dear blog, friends, and family -

life is insane.
insane like a fairy tale.
everyday i wake up and think to myself, "is this real?"
i look over and wonder, "is he real??"

ok, so maybe not that dramatic but really and truly - this happened!

the day was so perfect and countless times i would think about all the tender mercies to make our big day even better!
we are so grateful for loving families and supportive friends who either came or expressed their love in one way or another.
it is such a blessing to have extraordinary people to surround us each and every day.
we are excited to start a new life together as mr. and mrs. blackham.
thank you for your support!
*coming up: details on our magical trip to florida. stay tuned*


  1. Why is Dad always making funny faces in pictures??? :)

  2. Congrats my dear Princess friend! I am so so sorry I couldn't attend. Work and school rule my life, but my heart was definitely there with you! You look radiant and pure happiness shines from your eyes! What an example you :) Much love!


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