Thursday, July 28, 2011

my bucket list.

today i updated the old bucket list.
and geez, i crossed off four more!!

#22: hold a baby lamb.
(april 24th 2011)
something i've always always wanted to do.
living in a small town, i see them daily and everytime i do, without fail, a smile pops out.
mr. blackham's dad recently bought three adorable lambs.
i was lucky enough to hold them.

adorable right??

it was everything i hoped for and more!
(think it sounds lame? try it yourself and i'm sure you'll think twice about the meat you put on your plate!!)

#61: plan my wedding the way i want it. (july 8th 2011)

when i included number 61 on my list, i had many intentions behind it.
mostly, i was just nervous the day wouldn't end up the way i had imagined.
boy was i wrong.
everything was exactly what i had hoped for.
a candy bar.
cake balls.
chinese lanterns.
calla lilies.

it was gorgeous.
(thanks to many hands and a wonderful family who were soaked from the pre reception rain!)

all pictures taken by arika

(more pictures to come ... as soon as i get them!)

#11: be married in the temple. (july 8th 2011)

number 11 has been important to me ever since i was a little girl.
the temple is more incredible than i could ever imagined
and being sealed there for time and all eternity to my mr.
was definitely (and always will be) the most magical event in my life.

#71: fall in love.

most are aware that mr. blackham and i were very good friends (for quite awhile) before any lovey dovey butterflies started to pop.
but with that came lots of late night talks and growing to be one hundred percent confident in each other.
for that, i am truly grateful.
i'm grateful we took our time.
i'm grateful for bob's bowling class.
and most especially, i'm grateful for him.

for the love he has for me, and especially for his patience as i've been pretty uptight with everything going on.
i love that mr. blackham.
and i love that i can say with confidence that i fell in love with him.
i do more and more each day that i am married to him.


  1. As a girl who grew up on a sheep farm, I did my fair share of holding lambs. I love meat! But I can't stand to eat lamb or sheep. Not because I think they're cute, quite the opposite - I am completely disgusted and revolted by those creatures.

  2. Didn't you hold a baby lamb with Corey for your birthday? Or am I losing my mind?

  3. Shera, that was a teenager lamb. So I was happy to get one more "new..." :)


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