Monday, March 7, 2011

vote christian!

remember class elections in middle/high school?
i know i do. i'll never ever forget those days as hard as i may try!

christian, the cute twelve year-old little brother, is running for student body president. so - we are trying to come up with the coolest plus the most original idea.

this is what my brain came up with:

thoughts? what cool things did you try?

(in seventh grade i tried winning by creating my own song and then making my friends dress up as bananas while chanting my name... needless to say, i lost. no middle schooler even knows who chiquita banana is! do you??)


  1. Wow...Kaitlyn! That was an amazing campaign strategy! :)

  2. Yeah but crowding around you and peeling you down like you were a banana was pretty freaking sweet if you ask me. PLUS...our shirts were awesome. :)

  3. "vote christian. he saves life." That may be my all time favorite line.
    He's got this in the bag for sure. Who can pass up Superman?


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