Tuesday, March 1, 2011

i survived!!

let me give you a glimpse of what the past week has consisted of.
a statistics take home AND in-class test (that in and of itself is stressful enough.)
an eleven page paper due.
a ten page paper due.
a whole observation due.
and the list just keeps going...

BUT just like any parent does with their child, IF i did everything on my list THEN i got to do something creative... and yummy! which would be motivation for anyone right??

sooo - this is what i came up with and yes, it was worth the four hours they took to make!

phase 1. just batter. but good batter... i ate way too much!

phase 2. ("i asked for a muffin, but i think they gave me a small planet!")

skip a few phases.... and we end up with:

phase awesome!
with a few special ducks

and definitely a few cute ones (thanks to christian for coming up with the beak idea!)

i got this idea to make cupcakes about a week ago and i've been dying to try it since. this is my first experiment with making cool cupcakes...

but i had so much fun i know there will be some more coming soon!

peace. oh, and thanks for reading :)


  1. Wow i need a cupcake and the movie Dan in Real Life stat!!
    Those look amazing frousin!

  2. Atta kid! I wish I could find that much joy in baking!

  3. Those look awesome!! Did you mold the frosting into duck shape? Or is there a trick to it?

  4. Nice work! I'm glad they turned out so great, and that you had so much fun making them. Creativity is so relaxing! :)


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