Monday, March 14, 2011

spring semester sanity.

spring break came and went far too quickly last week.
but to get away from the books - a big group of us took off wednesday and went to the only warm corner of utah.. st. george (seventy-five degrees, i love you.)

to say the least we had a blast. soakin up some uv's. playing laser tag. miniature golf. swimming. go karts. nielson's frozen custard. hiking. cafe rio. . .

hiking up dixie rock. plus a little yoga.
swimming. (that look on jordan's face - get's me every time :)

go karting.

and spending time with some of my favorite people.

already wish i could go back!

remember these previous spring breaks?

california 2009.
angel's landing 2010... oh how i miss these girls.


  1. Oh my i think i just shed a tear. Can you believe how fast that went? It seems like almost yesterday we were hiking in Snow Canyon and eating cheese and crackers with our families. And that scary Angels Landing hike.

  2. Okay, do you post-date your blog posts, because I always see posts suddenly appear that are already 2 days old ... it throws me off! Random thought, not at all related to what you posted about ... I love you! (and I'm sad that you always promise your spring breaks to me and then never deliver ... just remember your promise :)


These little notes sure brighten my day :)