Monday, August 23, 2010

sometimes - i get sentimental

i hate blogging about "old news" but this post is a necessary one. it's about someone very dear to my heart. someone I couldn't live without. someone I cherish more and more everyday of my life.

this post is about sarah.

as most of you know, sarah is the apple to my eye. she's the captain and i'm her first mate. she's the straw to my berry.

she's the shoes to my laces. she's the pencil to my paper. she's the macaroni to my cheese. she's the remote to my tv.

we're a team, like bert and ernie, superman and clark kent, milli and vanilli.

she has always been that shoulder to cry on, that one person i could talk to about anything ranging from boys to... peanut butter! she went from being a complete stranger to my best friend in just a matter of a few weeks and has stayed that way for 8 years now.

she has always been that someone i trust with my secrets, and that someone who has always loved me no matter how stupid/unpredictable i can be.

she has always been there to watch my stupid tv shows, and to make caramel popcorn 3 times a week. she was always there when there was drama and was always there to laugh with me.

she knows me better than i sometimes know myself and has never been afraid to make me a better person.

we have grown so close that she can beat up on my little brother and my parents wouldn't even flinch!

sarah is my other half and as cliche as it sounds...

she is my sister.

as i sit here writing this i can't help but tear up because of the friend sarah has always been for me. i'm so grateful for the person she is and for the person she has helped me become.

now let me stop and clear my eyes for a sec...

ok. soooo now the explanation for this tribute to miss sarah. this weekend my sarah got engaged to my amazing cousin zachary averett! (perfect situation huh??) they are going to be married this fall and seriously people - i could not be more excited! they make the perfect couple and to make it even better: me and her - we're gonna be related! geez, i'm excited!

ya, at first it was a tad hard for me to swallow that she was getting married and me - definitely not even close to getting that bling on my finger! but i am here to tell you that if i had to chose one guy for sarah - it would be zach. if i had to share her with one boy - it would be zach. it would be zach because he is perfect for sarah!

so there you have it. there is my confessional and a small opening into my emotional rollar coaster that my life seems to be on right now.

until next time... i need to go fix my make up!

--> pictures from 2002-2003... i couldn't resist putting them on here :)


  1. Yes, I am completely embarrassed by these pictures. Yes, this post made me bawl like a baby. And yes, I am completely flattered and I miss you like crazy. Thank you for this post buddy. I love you so much!

  2. Holy Moley. I am straight up crying here in the big computer lap on campus! I have always been in complete awe of your amazing friendship. And this post is definitely one of my favorites. How lucky you both are to have someone so close and so constant in your lives. Thank you both for being such amazing examples of what true friendship is, and giving people like me something to be mad about never having, but hopeful to maybe have someday. I love you both, and so happy for both of your new family additions :)


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