Thursday, July 22, 2010

the lost obsession... i think it's a disease.

i have a new obsession. a new tv show obsession. (as if i don't already have enough as it is... glee, the office, psych, smallville...)

the other day my curiosity got the best of me and i watched the first episode of LOST. i couldn't stop there. i watched the second... and then the third... and forth...

you get the picture. but it kind of got out of hand after day one of this new obsession. i started staying up later and later just to see what could possibly happen next. i have even started dreaming about it. now, only a week later - i have finished the first season and am well into the second.

i'm afraid it's taking over me.

case in point: i am hiking timpanogos tonight with some friends and we are starting at one... in the a.m.

my first thought when hearing about this was, "it's going to be super dark. crap." second thought was, "oh geez, what if 'the others' get me?"

honestly, i'm still a little bit freaked out. but as all lost watchers know, as long as you take jack with you - no one will get hurt.

so my third thought is - does anyone have matthew fox's number? i need to call and tell him i'm headed into the jungle tonight and need him there to protect me.

uhmmm yes please!

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  1. Jack is nice, but have you met Desmond yet? Trust me, by the end you will love Desmond most of all. To put it simply, I want to have Desmond's babies.

    p.s. Um, my word verification word was "hooker"...


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