Thursday, June 25, 2009

Well this month has sure been a fun one! Besides work I try to have a little bit of fun and hopefully from these pictures you can see the fun things that have been happening at the my household :) Cami and Jon came at the first of the month and we had some... I think it was... fun going to the Fairview Museum of History! It was pretty cool but not nearly as exciting as the museum of natural art and history in Night at the Museum! But we tried our best to make it exciting:

We also celebrated Jon's birthday... even though his birthday is in March! Haha we realized that since Jon has been in our birthday for close to 4 years, we have never celebrated his birthday since we never see him in March! So... we decided to give him cake and ice cream and make him feel special by taking some pictures of him! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JON!

Next big event of the month: I got my hair cut! Crazy huh? This time I let Melissa do whatever she wanted and so this is what it ended up looking like...

One of the funnest things that happened in June was Cami, Jon, Me and Corey all went on a double date and boy did we party it up ;) we had a little competition between the four of us and loser had to buy ice cream for everyone. In the competition we had three events: Pooh Sticks (you know like off of Winnie-The-Pooh?), Bowling, and Speed Scrabble! Sounds lame.. well thing again because it really was a blast!

Here is my stick... loosing every time!!

All in all it was a really fun date! And yes, Corey and I lost so we bought the ice cream.

This past week I went and babysat the neighbor kids for a couple days and I loved every minute of it! Sarah and I sure do know how to have fun with these cute kids even though they may have been eating junk food the whole time and getting to bed WAY past their bedtime!

Playing dress up was my favorite part! The girls loved it too!

Last night we celebrated my mom's birthday. Cami and I made this delicious dinner and cake for her so hopefully.. she knows we love her :)
Well that about wraps it up! Hope you enjoy the pics and let me know of the new hair! I'm still not used to doing it so hopefully by the next post it looks semi ok :) Have a WONDERFUL day!

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  1. Oh my goodness Kate! I LOVE your hair! It's super cute! It looks like you've had a fun month! I'm glad :) I LOVE you!


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