Monday, July 6, 2009

This is the extent of our 4th of July! We headed up north Friday night and woke up super early the next morning. We went over to the hot air balloon festival and it was a way cool experience! All of these balloons made the sky look so magical :) we then went on over the the parade which was also pretty cool... until it started to rain on us! But we quickly got over the wet clothes and took some pretty long naps until swimming time (which I didn't get any pictures of...) then came the fireworks which I also had no pictures of because my camera was low on battery! But all in all it was a fun and eventful day. I will admit, that at the hot air balloons they lifted up the flag and I got a little emotional because I realized while singing the national anthem that we live in a pretty amazing country... and I take that for granted alot of the time! I hope that each 4th of July we can all be reminded of the many blessings we have, not just for this country, but for our freedom of religion and of the free agency we are granted because we live here!

Happy July!!


P.S. Corey's call could be here on Wednesday! Ahhh... i'm getting really nervous but I'll keep you posted!

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