Monday, June 15, 2009

It's weird how even though I have checked this blog everyday since my last post, I haven't posted anything new! Explanation: Everytime I get on I seriously think, "Ok my next post will be extremely exciting. Next exciting thing to happen in my small town life will be put up here!" And I sit here and think and think and of course I haven't thought of anything yet! But I thought that until that time comes when I do do something exciting in my life, I would just update life as it is on June 15th 2009:
- I am still working on average 8 hour days. But I did work a 13 and a halfer the other day! It was a killier!
- Christian and I are still playing Mario and Donkey Kong at least once a day! I definitely love our new Super Nintendo!
- I think I am going to be an EFY leader next summer..... Any thoughts on that? I haven't really talked to anyone about it and don't have much feedback so if you know someone that did it, let me know what they thought!
- I gave the lesson in Relief Society yesterday and I think it went really well! I prepared as well as I could throughout the ENTIRE week and then just went in with a prayer in my heart and hopefully the girls took something from it!
- Corey is in Disneyland this week.... I am going crazy! This will be the longest I haven't seen him since we met... 2 whole weeks! I'm lame I know :)

Ok that about wraps up my boring life! Thanks for reading and if you didn't read any of it and are skipping down here to the end... thanks for at least looking at my life!

Have a great Monday! P.S. TODAY IS PAY DAY! WOO!!!

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  1. Oh Princess. I say that everytime I get ready to make a new post, and usually feel like I'm writing the exact same thing as I wrote before! ha ha! But it sounds like your small town is just as awesome as my small town life. Uh, EFY Leader is a great job, I had a couple roommates do it and they LOVED IT, but it was hard to get hours and stuff because councilors are in HIGH demand-so that was frustraiting for them. And I can't wait to see you in a few weeks, I'm so coming for the Pageant...I'm just not quite sure when. Um, I think that is it. Wow, that was a long comment! Love ya long time Princess!


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