Monday, May 18, 2009

This past week was definitely a fun start to the summer! For my birthday Corey and Sarah surprised me and took me up north. Corey fixed us breakfast and then we played around all day going to IKEA and playing at the park. One of the highlights of the day was definitely getting a full body massage! Corey definitely knew what Kaitlyn wanted because that "hit the spot!" After playing around in Provo, we drove home, opened some presents, (I got a camera! Yay!) played some tennis (which I of course won!) and then got some ice cream at the Malt Shop! All in all my birthday was definitely one to remember! Thanks all for making it a fun day!After all the birthday hoopla, Sarah, Vince and I did some boating out at Gunnison Res. I didn't really feel like looking like an idiot, so I decided to stay in the boat while they wakeboarded. I decided to put up some of those pics because it was a really fun day (even though my legs are burnt to a crisp!) Hope you enjoy :) have a fabulous week!

Can you tell which legs are mine?!?


  1. That looks way fun Kate! I'm glad you had a good birthday! Love ya!


  2. Umm, are your legs the not-hairy ones? Just a wild guess!

  3. Hey happy belated birthday!!
    Your blog is so stinkin cute!

  4. Happy Birthday Frousin!!! I'm sorry i wasn't there to help celebrate, just know that i was thinking of you! Hopefully we'll see each other this weekend (I'm planning on it). love you. and i love the new page.


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