Monday, October 8, 2012

general conference.

i love this time of year. with the beginning of leaves falling and the slight chill in the air. i love the promise of fall and being so close to thanksgiving and christmas. i love finally pulling my sweaters out of the closet and turning the heater on in my car.

and i love being able to once again listen to a living prophet remind us of Heavenly Father's love for us.
i love general conference.

but i'm not going to lie to you - i haven't always loved it the way i should have. not that long ago, i didn't prepare for it. i woke up five minutes before it started and listened, but didn't let it sink in.

but this time was different. 
this time i really tried to let the words spoken sink deep. i did my best at making a renewed commitment to become better and do better. i know i didn't do my very best at listening and concentrating the whole time, but it felt good just to try! i love that we have a modern prophet and apostles who speak the will of God. i love knowing that we are being taken care of by a loving Father in Heaven.

i know this! and i love it :)

favorite talk? it's tough to pick my one favorite - so instead, here is my favorite from the general relief society broadcast. (missed it? go here and read all about it!) this talk was the best reminder for why we have visiting teaching.

have even more time?
watch this short message - gave me chills.

what was your favorite?? i would love to hear :)
happy monday!

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