Monday, September 17, 2012

oh hello!

glad you are still around. i realize i haven't posted much lately, but i gotta say - life is just too busy to blog. 
yes, i said it. 
too busy to blog.

for awhile there, i think i would have blogged before more important things. 
like homework.
or cooking.
or spending precious time with mr. blackham.

but i'm determined to get my priorities more in line.
actually get stuff done.
and then reward myself with those things i don't necessarily need to do.
like watching a favorite tv show.
or catching up on pinterest.
or blogging.

it's hard, but i'm determined. 
and when i'm determined - you better believe it happens :) 

but i do sincerely hope all is well in your world. 
maybe one of these days i'll have time to read all about it!


(taken during class... when i should have been listening. oops!)

oh, and i had to show off my new favorite kohls sale outfit. 
being a secretary definitely requires nice new things like this ;)

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  1. You are drop dead gorgeous!!! Especially in the clothes you bought shopping with my grandma:)


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