Monday, July 2, 2012


i'm lovin'...


* my green and pink vee tees from target. i wear them and immediately wash them so i can wear them again. am i the only one who does this? nobody let me near a target because i might just walk away with one in every color...

* sunkist fruit snacks.

* no more youth conference groups. it was fun... but i don't think my poor fair skin can take it anymore. here's to finally having some free time! (and the beginning of my summer tan.)

* bomb pops. patriotic and tasty - perfect combination :)

* cuddling up to love in the wild. seriously - this show is ridiculous and hilarious. bachelor meets survivor. mr. blackham and i have some good laughs watching this one. (but don't tell him you know he watches with me!)

* that i'm headed up to park city today to see this favorite sister and my beyond adorable nephew.

photos snapped a few summers ago. 

what are you lovin' lately?


  1. I have a white v-neck from target... I wear it as often as possible too! I love your colors!!!

  2. Frousin you look smoken! Love the tees.


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