Monday, June 25, 2012

life lately according to nike.

hello! so... i'm just going to skip over the part where i've been mia for the last week and just show you the fun stuff we've been up to! (because we all take the occasional needed break from the computer right? and that's fine!) 

1 - 3. with all this warm weather we've been having, all we want to do is be outside. so we pulled out the croquet set the other night and had loads of fun... even though i am beyond terrible! (maybe by the end of the summer i'll be a champ. maybe.)
4. a philly cheese steak joint opened on main street a few weeks ago and we were excited to try it out. besides the loads of mushrooms - it wasn't half bad. now i'm thinking we'll plan a getaway to philadelphia to try an authentic one!
5. i finally learned how to make jam and who knew it was so easy? i'm thinking i'll post a tutorial soon because everyone should understand how simple it is.
6 - 9. my adorable mother turned one year older and wiser this past weekend. to celebrate we got some shaved ice (almost identical to matsumoto's), and ate raspberry/strawberry shortcake. i'm so grateful for a mom who enjoys sugar as much as i do :)
10 - 11. on saturday we discovered this brewing "too close for comfort." the fire started very close to mr. blackham's home town and is now rapidly spreading to over 30,000 acres. the news reported 25-30 structures have been burned, including homes. although the path is headed in the opposite direction of our family, please continue to keep many other families of sanpete county in your prayers. we're hoping for some massive rain drops soon.

on a happier note - i'm headed to the pool today with the nephews. to say the least, all this exposure to the sun has given me about a billion more freckles... and i love it :)

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