Wednesday, May 23, 2012

*marriage wednesdays!*

to help our spouse know how much we truly appreciate them, we need to remember to say "thank you." because honestly, who doesn't like being reminded of the things others appreciate about us? to spark your imagination on the things you appreciate most about your spouse, do the following exercise.

exercise: say thank you!

select from the following list three things you really appreciate about your spouse. (of course, you can add items not on the list.) then tell your spouse what these three things are. this can be as simple as a statement like, "i really like the way you are sensitive to my moods."

your energy
your strength
the way you are commanding
the way you let me direct things
how sensitive you are to me
how you support me and respond to my moods
your ability to read me
the way you are when we make decisions
the way you let me be myself
your skin
your face
your warmth
your enthusiasm
your hair
the way you touch me
how safe i feel with you
your tenderness
your imagination
your eyes
the way i trust you
your passion
how well you know me
your gracefulness
they way you move
the way you kiss me
your affection your playfulness
your humor
your loyalty to me
your competence as a spouse
your competence as a parent
what you are like as a friend
your sense of style

(list adapted from john gottman's book.)

* by saying "thank you" more often, you and your spouse are able to focus on the positive and overcome difficult or overwhelming situations.

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  1. saying thank you is so so important in a marriage even the little things like the ones you mentioned in this post!! definitely a great reminder to be thankful for the wonderful husband i married.

  2. Thank you for your note! It's so true and hopefully we all remember to say it more often :)


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