Thursday, April 19, 2012

tid + bits.


* for quite awhile now i've been addicted to grey's anatomy. what can i say - i'm completely absorbed in the relationships, the drama in the hospital, and the cool surgeries. so naturally when we made a quick trip to the hospital this week to visit a neighbor, i had to pretend i was a surgeon for a minute.... even though i may have gotten a few funny looks - completely worth it.

* this week was our cute nephew connor's 5th birthday. we work our hardest to secure the spot of "favorite aunt and uncle," and when we showed up with this captain america shield - i think it did the trick! doesn't he look like spanky from the little rascals? (my heart melts every time i see mr. blackham play with them. he's going to be one amazing dad.)

* sometimes i find myself purposefully holding the steering wheel like this just so i can admire my ring... and then i remember i'm driving and should probably focus on the road. anyone else do this??

p.s. did you see the latest addition to my blog? i'm hoping it's not too cheesy...
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  1. Oh my gosh I totally do that sometimes! I remember the day after we got engaged I was doing it so much I almost did get in a car accident! haha :) Love your tid + bits :) thanks for joining along!

  2. yes, I totally do that thing with my ring on the steering wheel :) it's so sparkly!!!

  3. Your little nephew is the cutest! and I'm warning you... i just might steal your ring the next time I see you. I love it that much.

  4. haha too funny I do that too! (the steering wheel admiring my rings). My favourite thing is seeing my husband play with our nieces and nephew, I can't wait to see him as a daddy. And I totally love Greys Anatomy too! :)

  5. thanks for all the nice words :) i love reading them and reading all your cute blogs as well!

  6. haha i'm totally guilty of staring at my ring! 2 years later and it still isn't old! ;)


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