Thursday, March 1, 2012

scripture study.

"as i think about your schedules and the pressures you face at this time in your lives, i can understand why scripture study can so easily be neglected. you have many demands pulling at you. in some cases, just maintaining your social life is a full-time occupation. but i plead with you to make time for immersing yourselves in the scriptures. couple scripture study with your prayers. half an hour each morning privately studying, pondering, and communicating with your Heavenly Father can make an amazing difference in your lives. it will give increased success in your daily activities. it will bring increased alertness to your minds. it will give you comfort and rock-steady assurance when the storms of life descend upon you."
-Elder Ballard, from this talk.
found this gem on facebook today and couldn't resist sharing. 
because who doesn't sometimes need that extra reminder that scriptures are powerful??

oh, why yes i have blogged everyday so far this week. 
i guess you can say i'm on a blogging frenzy :)

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