Friday, March 2, 2012

giving wal-mart a second chance.

anyone over 5' 7" knows the struggle and heartache of finding a dress modest and long enough.

i've been on the search for quite sometime and finally just gave up.
but, while waiting for some photos to print today at the store, i bopped on over to the dress section.
and i'll admit, i go there with hesitation because at some point i decided that only grandma's shop for clothes at wal-mart.
but the further i looked, the more open my mind became and i left with two fun dresses!
now i'm just praying mr. blackham will be okay with my buying more clothes i don't necessarily "need." :)
(in my defense, one was on sale!) 


so, should i keep 'em - or continue feeling wal-mart isn't for the clothes??


  1. I don't know what it is about the Ephraim Wal-Mart, but they have some freaking cute clothes! My mom bought me a cardigan from there last month and I love it :) I was going to buy a dress too, but they didn't look very good on me. They look smokin' on you though! KEEP THEM!

  2. Thanks guys :) I needed the encouragement!!

  3. They are really cute, you should keep them. I'd say just watch out for them in the wash - that's sometimes when wal-mart quality really falls apart for me.

  4. I have been a member of your blog for a while now, I have also been occasionally making my visits to your blog. I now expect you to return the favor at

    Thanks Kait! I hope you are doing good! I mean I know that I am over 5'7" but I don't quite know the struggle and heartache of finding a dress modest enough and long enough. I am glad also that I don't know the heartache that comes along with this most difficult of feats. I am glad that you found some though!

  5. I seriously know how you feel! Plus Curtis loves when I wear heels and dresses but the dresses are never quite long enough and I'm always taller than him! But keep them! They look great! Surprisingly I've found some great things at my walmart!


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