Tuesday, February 28, 2012

new addition to the family.

(i hope you weren't hoping for one of those baby announcements... )
but i had to show off the newest addition to the apartment -

thanks to the local co op, i got a steal and it's even greater than i expected!
can't wait to hang it up in our ever evolving little apartment :)

oh - and guess what else?
i followed this tutorial,
and turned this -

boring 8 x 10 canvas.

into this -

exciting 8 x 10 canvas! (picture taken by this talented eye.)

it was super easy and very worth it!
just print off a favorite picture (8 x 10 - about $3)
paint the same size canvas any color you prefer (of course i did black)
wipe a little mod podge on the front and back of the photo and vwala!
i'm pretty sure the next few days will consist of me making a few more of these to finish a wedding collage of sorts... stay tuned.

p.s. i couldn't resist posting this photo i took while me and the mister watched the bach last night.
isn't ben ridiculous?
one - cut your hair ... you're looking more and more like francine every time i tune in.
two - how can you be so ignorant as to think this evil one is better than nicki?
three - your season is a bore.

anyone feeling the same?
or is anyone out there still even watching the show?? :)


  1. That wedding canvas looks SOO good!! I've been meaning to do the exact same thing, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I've been half afraid that it wouldn't work, but seeing that you had success gives me hope! Also, I haven't watched the Bach yet, so I'm sad to know that Nicki goes home! She's cute. Not as cute as Kacie, but I liked her. I knew Lindzi would be there in the end though! I'm willing to bet he picks Courtney though cause he's shallow like that. Glad to see your cute lil' home coming together bestie!

  2. LOVE the canvas. And honestly, I stopped watching the Bachelor. I honestly couldn't take been and his ridiculousness anymore. But I am pretty stoked for Bachelorette Emily, then onto the Bachelor Pad. Ben just needs to leave, period amen. haha.

  3. I really like the pic! I read the tutorial and she just used wood. Where did you get the canvas, how much do they cost, and why did you choose canvas over wood? You're projects are amazing!

  4. Oh and the Ephraim Co op? And you should answer my puff ball question on your creative weekend post.

  5. Sorry to ask so many questions, but just one more. Where did you get your pictures printed? I am really thinking of doing a family collage "craftier than i really am type project" with the pics you took of my fam.


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