Thursday, January 26, 2012

i usually don't do stuff like this but i couldn't pass it up. i was tagged in a post by sarah scott averett and i thought it would be a fun way to find out the not so obvious facts about me.
so - here you go!

here are the rules:

1 - you must post the rules.
2 - post eleven fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
3 - answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you've tagged.
4 - tag eleven people and link them on your post
5 - let them know you've tagged them!

11 fun/interesting/unique facts:
  • when i was born, i had a metabolic disorder called galactosemia. sounds serious i know, but really it just meant that i had to drink soy milk for the first year of my life. my body read milk as a toxin and because of that - milk could have killed me. i find this interesting and fun because only 1 in 60,000 babies are born with it. i know - very fascinating. (more information? go here)
  • i love tv shows. it started when i was in high school with smallville. that gradually got boring so i went on to watch heroes, the office, and psych. (which i still obsess over today.) after, i found lost and was hooked from the start. after i got bored with that i discovered modern family and the bachelor/bachelorette. while watching these, i started with biggest loser and the lying game. now - it's grey's anatomy. (meredith and derek are just the bees knees.) i obsess over the people, the relationships... and yes, the drama! ok... moving on.
  • i am left handed. aaannndd i recently discovered that only 8% of US women are. just another statistic that makes me feel cool :) 
  • my senior year, the bestie and i saved our coins all week long and rewarded ourselves with fat stick thursdays. yup - every week! but we didn't do it for the pizza. we did it for the laughs, blaring music, and relaxation from boys and life. i will always cherish those thursday afternoons.
  • the most beneficial class i've ever taken is 6th grade keyboarding. i now type at about 80 wpm and seriously - saves me every time i put off writing a paper until the last minute.
  • since getting married six months ago i can now tell you almost every player on the jazz, how good he is, who is doing the best in the nfl, why kobe bryant is ridiculous, and many other sports facts. although i use to find watching sports boring - i now cherish that time to cuddle and occasionally yell at the tv with my husband :)
  • my favorite color is burgandy. not red. burgandy. 
  • i love michael buble. love. love. love. he is dreamy, romantic, and just amazing. i've been known to listen to his music for hours and hours at a time but believe me - i'm a happier person after those hours spent with itunes. 
  • i'm addicted to sugar. everyone who knows me knows this. it's pretty serious - but i've accepted that i need sugar to survive. i need the sour patch watermelons and i need the rice krispies. (ok, i realize this sounds ridiculous but i'm working on it! eating more grapes than swedish fish does make me feel better... i think.)
  •  i wish i had more time to read. i've never been a big reader - but i really wish i was. i've dived into only a few books and i love the feeling of being in a whole different world... one day i'll swap these textbooks for fiction. 
  • i beat mario on super nintendo in only 8 hours. yes, the little brother and i spent a whole saturday in front of the tv and defeated bowser. it was awesome.
  • thinking of 11 interesting/fun/unique facts about myself is rough! i thought i was unique but geez - maybe not! Haha
questions from sarah:
1. what is your favorite holiday and why? 
i would have to say new years eve. i've always look forward to this day because of the food and the family. it's always been a day for us to just laugh, play games, and stay up late! and it's a good time to look at your life and change anything you see that needs changing. just a good day all around.

2. if you had to pick between having hair all over your back that you couldn't shave or being bald and not being able to do anything about it, which would you pick? 
i would say bald only because when steve carrell in evan almighty tries to shave his beard and almost has a nervous breakdown when it grows back instantly. looked awful... so i'll take being bald.

3. what is your best memory of high school and why?

soccer. soccer. soccer. i spent everyday waiting for practice and every week looking forward to the next game. i loved spending time with my team and our amazing coach. we overcame some big speed bumps but always did our best. i miss soccer more than anything in high school. actually... it's the only thing i miss about high school!

4. if you won the lottery, what would be the very first thing you would buy?

a chalupa. have you had one of those things?? they are amazing! 
oh, and next would be a red mini cooper.

5. how old were you when you got your first real kiss? {12 and under doesn't count}

since the kiss while watching reading rainbow from ransom in first grade doesn't count... it was in december after my 16th birthday at temple square. 

6. what is your biggest regret in life?

worrying too much about what others think about me. i wish i was more happy go lucky/crazy/ not care person. yet, i did stand on a bench and yell/sing a barney song in disneyland with sarah so i guess that kind of counts, right? 

7. what's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?

a month ago my dad sent me a text that simply said, "you remind me so much of your mom. i love you." it almost brought me to tears - that is the greatest complement i could ask for.
8. what is something you are looking forward to?

making a trip up to american fork to eat at buffalo wild wings! my mouth waters every time i even think about it...
9. if you could visit any country for free, which would it be?

the bahamas. tahiti. jamaica. anywhere with white sandy beaches and warm clear water. soaking up the sun without a care in the world.  
10. if you could eat as much as you wanted of one food and you would never gain weight, what would it be?

funeral potatoes. my guilty pleasure. 
or star crunch little debbie snacks. best part of elementary school home lunch.
11. in your eyes, what is the perfect date?

"that's a tough one. i'd have to say april 25th. because it's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket."

couldn't resist. but honestly, i would have to say just staying at home, making dinner together, eating junk food, and cuddle up to a movie. not too exciting - but i love when we have time to make this happen!

 so there you have it! if you're still reading then i guess you now know those unimportant facts about kaitlyn. one day, when i win the lottery, i'll buy you a chalupa as well. 

here are my 11 new questions for 11 friends!
1. if you had one super power, what would it be and why?
2. what is the #1 most played song on your ipod/itunes?
3. if you were a crayon, what color would you be and why?
4. what would you do differently if you knew no one would judge you??
5. if you named yourself, what would your name be? any particular reason?
6. what would be your ultimate pet and why? 
7. what is your biggest fear?
8. who is your favorite celebrity and why? 
9. what would you do with a million dollars?
10. if you were invisible, where would you go? 
11. favorite movie?

and i hope these 11 people will do this - took me forever but it was worth it!

laurel celeste blackham
whitney cazier
deb averett
princess kiana
cambria felt
jena olsen
kenzie barnhurst
crystal averett

and we'll pretend that is 11 since others have already done it :)

enjoy! (and thanks for listening to the rambling)


  1. So many things in this made me LOL! {literally} I completely forgot that we sang that Barney song in Disneyland. That was the best dollar we ever made. Haha! Also, the chalupa thing was good. Have you had one recently though? THEY STOPPED MAKING BAJA CHALUPAS!!! I'm boycotting Taco Bell for it because the regular ones aren't NEAR as good as the Baja ones. Super lame. And I loved the Miss Congeneality reference. I was wondering if anyone would catch on. Ha anyway, I miss you and I can't wait to see you in just 8 days!!

  2. All of those random facts are the reason why I love you so much and I'm proud to call you my best frousin!


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