Friday, November 18, 2011

the steinfeldt's

this past sunday i had the opportunity to take my soccer coach's family pictures.
the family is adorable and one that i will always admire and respect.

isn't this awesome? he was so tired of smiling that this is what he gave me. i just loved it!

it was so fun shooting their cute little family - and i couldn't ask for better examples.
recently their son ben lost his leg in a lawn-mower accident. it is amazing to me how a family could go through such a difficult trial with such class and determination. i will always admire them and hope they know how many prayers have been said in their behalf.
the thank you signs (made by the boys) were for the amazing support our community gave in a recent fund-raiser. i was lucky to attend and see what an impact these small-town "farmers" could make.

 one of the many reasons why i just love little sanpete.


  1. Thank you so much for taking this pictures for us. I think they turned out amazing! I was so excited to get them home and get them printed out. You're the best!


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