Wednesday, November 30, 2011

my dilemma.

that's my dilemma.

i don't enjoy it.
i think it is stressful.
i'm just not creative when it comes to creating yummy things in the kitchen.

i make chocolate chip cookies.
and spaghetti. 
and chicken pot pies. (out of the box of course!)
other than that, i just don't cook.

but now that i'm married and really trying my best - i feel like i should enjoy it more.
it should be fun for me because so many other wives i know just love it!


how do you enjoy cooking?
what kinds of things do you do to make it more than a chore?

your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

yours truly,


  1. Well I am with you HATE HATE HATE loath entirely hate it. So good luck with that :)

  2. I know I keep repeating myself, but seriously, the trick is to convince your husband to also cook so that you can either a) do it together (way more fun than alone) or b) not have to do it all the time. (Do you want me to copy this message to Jordan? :)

  3. I feel the same way about cooking! I think I have cooked maybe a total of six times my entire married life! Kelby always cooks because he enjoys it and he also knows how much I HATE to do it! When you find some good easy recipes please pass them my way! Love ya lots and good luck Kaitlyn!! :)

  4. I loathe cooking with every fiber of my being (except brownies). Don't feel like you have to cook, or you have to like cooking because you're a wife. Don't pigeon hole yourself in that miserable box. If you can't be honest to your husband and say, I hate cooking, so tonight is your night to make dinner, than what is the point of marriage?

  5. The trick for me is planning a menu. I set aside a little bit of time to look for new recipes (Pioneer Woman is a must!-- she has great step by steps on her blog). I add about one new recipe a month to keep things fun and original. No one wants to eat the same 5 meals every week. :) Another trick is to find recipes that leave you with left overs. I usually plan for 4-5 meals a week so we have 2-3 nights that I can "take off." If none of those sound appealing to you, invite friends over to teach each other meals. That's how I learned to make eggs rolls and an incredible stir fry. We have had a lot of fun doing that too! Hope this helps! xoxo

  6. Thank you everyone for you advice and support! Good news is, I made funeral potatoes last night! It was easy and they tasted awesome :) Maybe there is hope after all! Haha

  7. I do the same thing as Deb...planning meals for a week and making sure I make enough to have leftovers. That way I only end up cooking every night. Luckily Zachary likes to cook too, so he takes a couple nights a week to make dinner. We should do a recipe exchange!


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