Thursday, May 5, 2011

thoughts. opinions. suggestions.

i always knew planning a wedding would be fun, but who knew i would enjoy it this much?
with the help of one incredible mother, and some very cute sisters, i am so excited to be begin planning! it's going to be one splendid july day!

i have lots of ideas but getting started has been a little difficult.
so, with all the planning - i started to wonder how other people would do it.
what you picture for your perfect day.

i know in the long eternal scheme of things none of this really matters -
but to me... it really does.
now that i have the temple booked (really the most important part of our day)
i can start to add the flair!

so i'm here to kind of brainstorm with you faithful reader(s?).
here to pick your brain a little.
and before i tell you my ideas, i want to hear all of yours.
yes... this is an interactive facebooky status kind of post for you to share thoughts and feedback.
so feel free - share your brain with me.

what would your colors be?
how about food?
would you dance?
who would be there?
what shoes would be on your feet?
what time of year would you do it?

let me know... and please only share with me that which you wouldn't mind me stealing ;)


  1. So many ideas!! For you Kaitlyn I would love to see bright colors because that would match your personality. I think a good main color would be yellow or lime green. Or a bunch of pastel colors. Check out this website and scroll to the right. The first three weddings pictured I can totally see a kaitlyn'esc wedding.

  2. Oh my I'm loving these colors! This is really fun.

  3. and for the dress....... You have a killer figure so don't hide it in tons of fabric.
    these are a few of my favorites for you:

    (of course sleeves would need to be altered)

  4. that wedding on Style Me Pretty is so adorable! I came across it awhile back and totally forgot about it! And the dresses. LOVE them :) you know me far too well Urika!


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