Thursday, April 28, 2011

up close with the ring.

i can't stop looking at it.

i find myself staring at it everywhere i go and smiling.

finding excuses to use that hand just so i can catch another glimpse of it.

probably because it symbolizes so much....

or maybe just because it's sparkly ;)

is there a secret to picking out the groom's ring?


  1. Ask what he wants or likes, most guys don't care about the surprise bit.
    Also, a lot of guys like things similar to their father's ring.

  2. gorgeous ring!! and gorgeous pictures!!

  3. Congratulations! I had to come out of lurkdom and tell you how excited I am for you! (This is Chandra, your sister's old roomie. I've been lurking for a while now, jumped over from Cami's blog and got hooked. You have a great blog voice, btw!). Anywho, congratulations! The ring is gorgeous!


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