Monday, April 4, 2011

running and biking and swimming - oh my

i've never signed up for any kind of 5k, walk-a-thon, half-marathon, tenth of a marathon, or walk all night-a-thon. nope. never thought it sounded fun to put myself through that kind of torture.

but now i just want to get in shape. i want to feel healthy. i don't want to be so tired all the time. i want more muscle... actually, i just want any kind of muscle. so i sucked it up and did it. i signed up for the sanpete county two week triathlon today! (sounds thuper duper exciting huh?)

i know. doesn't sound too difficult but with six classes, starting to work seven hour work days, a church calling, my middle school soccer practices and games (did i tell you all i'm a coach?? sweet eh?), presentations, final exams... it's going to be a tad difficult to find the time.

but bring it on.
bring on the 2.5 mile swim.
bring on the 26.2 mile run.
bring on the 112 mile bike ride.

i will defeat you... even if i have to do it at one in the morning every night!


  1. I'll cheer you on during this! Good luck training, you're going to be one hot lady after this :)

  2. That's awesome! Give me the details. I want to do it too!

  3. Yeah Yeah Yeah! I'm so proud of you and so excited for you! Triathlons are soooo great! Yep. Just did my first one saturday. Definitely not an expert but it's great! Where can I sign up?!


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