Wednesday, April 6, 2011

messy room.

this is what my life is kind of like at the moment. crazy.
BUT as i took a few minutes to organize this chaos yesterday, i realized how much my messy room reveals about me.
my love for flats. i've always felt like i'm just a tad too tall. but flats have been my life saver and answer for those days where i feel like a tower. this pair in particular saves me on numerous occasions. comfortable. light. and black. thank you target.
my obsession with sweets. never can i go a day without sugar. i know, pathetic - but i've accepted that i just can't live without it. so i live happily... with a package of oreos. bag of twizzlers. carton of ben and jerry's.

my need for a creative outlet. my life is so structured at times that i don't really get the time to just express myself. but as i discovered this (on my floor) i realized how important it is in my life. (one day i will have a huge room filled wall to wall with scrapbooking supplies... thousands and thousands of scrapbooking supplies.)

and who can forget the need for a good movie. i tend to obsess over certain movies and the ones i find good enough to spend a little green on - i purchase. and then watch - over and over again. but who wouldn't want to watch elf time after time? or dan in real life? evan almighty? classics.

so there you have it - my messy room is not so messy.
just an organized scramble of pieces that shape my crazy life.

disclaimer: if you haven't figured it out already, this post was just a bunch of words helping me justify my unorganized ways. and yes, i do feel better. because life is just going perfect - even if i can't seem to find a good reason to organize my room. got any advice for motivation to clean your room? i need it desperately.

all pictures taken by me :)

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  1. You are so cute! Motivation: living with and loving someone who prefers neatness ... is that one going to work for you?


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