Wednesday, March 23, 2011

oh hello jimmer.

last night i had a dream.
a crazy sweet dream.
which is weird because i never dream.
but i thought it was good enough to share.
here goes.
for some reason i had to go to jail.
i guess i stole something or whatever but nothing too serious.
it was pretty shocking to me.
didn't quite understand why the cops were taking me away.
but here's the catch people...
jimmer wanted to get me out of jail.
ya, jimmer fredette.
the jimmer fredette.
we were just hanging out one day and suddenly the police came to get me.
he was pretty upset.
followed us to the jail and insisted that i was innocent.
he tried for quite some time and got mad when the police wouldn't listen to him.
i think we were like dating or something and that is why he cared.
oh and it was tomorrow.
he had to get to his game against florida.
but the other catch...
he stayed to set me free.
and then i woke up.

what a dream right??
to say the very very least - it was a magical experience.

p.s. giddy: lightheaded, vertiginous. unstable, volatile, fickle, inconstant.
and all this time i thought i was twitterpated. nope, just dizzy.
come on webster!
nant, vacillating
and all these years i was dead wrong. i wasn't twitterpated - just dizzy. come on webster!

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  1. I love Jimmer! I've also had many a dreams about him, but none involving jail! You win :)


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